Use the command !time in-game to see what time it is.

Mount Raids
Img Name Time Location
Draptor 17:00
Crustacea Gigantica 18:00
Midnight Panther 19:00
Undead Cavebear 20:00

Bosses may spawn randomly once their respective cooldown has passed.
You can see if the boss is currently alive: or dead: .
Boss Raids
Img Name Last Spawn Cooldown Status Location
Seasonal Raids
The Mutated Pumpkin 2 months ago

Grynch Clan Goblin 1 year ago

Major Bosses
Feroxa 2 weeks ago

Ferumbras 1 day ago

Gaz'haragoth 3 days ago

Ghazbaran 2 days ago

Mawhawk 1 month ago

Morgaroth 13 hours ago

Omrafir 2 days ago

Orshabaal 1 day ago

Zulazza the Corruptor 1 day ago

Falcon Bosses
Grand Commander Soeren 1 week ago

Grand Canon Dominus 1 month ago

Grand Chaplain Gaunder 1 week ago

Preceptor Lazare 1 week ago

PoI Bosses
Countess Sorrow 1 month ago

Dracola 2 weeks ago

Massacre 2 weeks ago

Mr. Punish 2 weeks ago

The Handmaiden 1 month ago

The Imperor 2 weeks ago

The Plasmother 2 weeks ago

Vampire Lords
Arachir the Ancient One 2 months ago

Diblis The Fair 2 months ago

Sir Valorcrest 1 month ago

Zevelon Duskbringer 2 months ago

Other Bosses
Demodras 2 months ago

Dharalion 2 months ago

Fernfang 2 months ago

The Horned Fox 2 months ago

Man in the Cave 2 months ago

Necropharus 2 months ago

The Old Widow 1 month ago