Select an Outfit!
Afflicted Outfit
Addons Requirements

  • When you have collected all PoC, use one of them to recieve the Base
  • 1 Luminous PoC
  • 1 Obvious PoC
  • 1 Dubious PoC
  • 1 Voluminous PoC
  • 1 Ominous PoC
  • 1 Ludicrous PoC

  • Addon 1

  • Use a Plague Bell to get this addon.

  • Addon 2

  • Use a Plague Mask to get this addon.

  • Full Outfit

    Take the required Items to the designated NPC and ask them for an outfit or addon.
    If you have all the items you will gain the outfit/addon.

    If you ever get stuck you can always take a look at your quest log or TibiaWiki for help.