Recent Updates:
  • Change to the Party Sharing rules, all players above level 500 can share. Players below level 500 will follow normal 2/3 level rule.
  • Reduced death loss, players will lose around 1.8 levels each death when blessed. Around 2.4 levels without bless.
  • Fixed error where XP Gain Rate was showing 100% all the time in the skill window. Now it will correctly display your bonus.
Recent Updates:
  • Fixed Gaz'haragoth UE not doing any damage.
  • Fixed Wild Growth Rune not shooting properly.
  • Fixed error with Deathstrike Teleport, also changed mechanics a little bit. Now 10 mushrooms will spawn every 10 seconds after you begin charging the crystals for 1 minute.
  • Fixed items given from Mysterious Remains: Rift Tapestry, Surprise Bag (blue), Magic Light Wand (always on).
  • Added full minimap for client 10 available on the downloads page

Special thanks to Vakashi for reporting many of the bugs.
Daily Double Task:
  • Everyday there will be a random task that rewards double experience for completing it.
  • Also the mobs of the task will yield double experience as well.
  • Check your local chat when you log in for more information on the daily double task.
  • You can also type !task to view which task is currently the daily double task.
  • The task switches everyday, keep track of what time it is with the !time command

Enjoy your Thanksgiving! <3
Recent Updates:
  • It's no longer possible to stack carpets on top of each other.
  • Fixed issue with strengthening potions not working properly with buff spells.
  • Removed old modal window events possible causing errors in shortcut tps.
  • It's no longer possible to use server-side Godric Bot with the custom Middle Earth client. The Middle Earth client has a better verion of client-side Godric Bot that must be used. It will still be possible to use the server-side Godric Bot with client 10.
  • Added timer message to Ferumbras Ascension Boss rooms that were missing compared to the other boss rooms
  • From now on all players inside any boss room or who have participated in the boss fight will receive a time delay to prevent any bug abuse.
  • Updated exit position of Ferumbras Ascension Boss rooms to prevent PK traps.
  • Updated exit position of Grand Master Oberon's boss room
  • Added new command !kick for party leaders to kick players from the party.
  • Added some missing items to wrap system.
New Secret Library Boss:
  • Gorzindel

Enjoy your weekend!
Client Update:
The download page has been updated with:
  1. Client Launcher/Updater
  2. New Client w/ some Tibia 11 features
New Commands:
  • !leaveparty
  • !bonus on/off
New Secret Library Bosses:
  • Lokathmor
  • Mazzinor
  • Ghulosh

Have fun! If you run into any issues let me know.
It's now possible to transfer from NA 1 and EU 2 server to the NA 2 server!

If you see some new faces, they are fellow Middle Earthians from another realm.

Welcome them with open arms or hunt them for entering your realm ... the choice is yours.
Added the ability to World Transfer from your account page.
Currently only allows transfer to EU 1, however, in the future there may be transfers allowed to EU2 and NA1 as well.
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