Task Updates:
  • Autoloot slotshave been increased:
    Free Account: 5 --> 10 slots
    VIP Account: 25 --> 50 slots
  • It's now possible to toggle autloot on/off with the commands:
    !autoloot on
    !autoloot off
  • Added Poison Bomb Rune to the Supply Backpack.
  • Bosses will now be marked with a Green Skull so they are easier to find in crowded areas.
  • Fixed error where Roshamuul Prison boss rooms were not resetting time properly.
  • Fixed Prince Drazzak spells, damage, and loot.
  • Task Window:
    -> Improved flow and information about task
    -> Added countdown to new daily double task
    -> Task points now adjust depending on number of kills
Task Updates:
  • Separated tasks into two categories
    1. Killing in the name of ...
    2. Custom tasks
  • Custom tasks can now be selected by 250, 500 or 1000 kills.
  • Improved task rewards: more experience, more money, and now it's possible to earn Gold Nuggets from tasks!
  • Money from task rewards will automatically be sent to your bank account from now on.
  • You can also adjust how frequently you wish to receive updates on your task status. Every 1, 10, 25, or 50 kills.
  • Now their will be a different Daily Double task for each difficulty: easy, medium, and hard.
Recent Updates:
  • Pet's will no longer take away exp from their master. All damage from pet will count towards master.
  • From now on only players who did damage in the last 10 seconds will receive unjustified frag in player killing.
  • Removed info message from monster outfit lever as it was impeding the view of the new outfit. Instead the message will appear at the bottom of your screen.
  • Improved appearance of guild page by fixing outdated layouts & styles from old website.
  • Fixed error in final Otherworld boss, The World Devourer, where a team wasn't able to try again immediately after dieng.
  • VIP player will now autoloot gold coins direcly into their bank account. You will see a message in the Loot channel.
  • Fixed error where a boss raid would show on the website that it started but actually failed to start in-game.
  • The Shortcuts -> Quests submenu will now show if you have completed the quest or not.
  • Buffed EK intense wound cleansing spell (exura gran ico), as it was doing very little.
Recent Updates:
  • Added missing outfit & mount images to website and improved the appearance of the character & auction character page displaying of outfits & mounts.
    Many other various small website improvements: changelog, market page, etc.
  • Changed deathlist to only count mobs from the final 10 seconds.
  • Fixed error where charging the geodes in Warzones 4-6 was not showing how many heavy crystal fragments were used.
Recent Updates:
  • Change to the Party Sharing rules, all players above level 500 can share. Players below level 500 will follow normal 2/3 level rule.
  • Reduced death loss, players will lose around 1.8 levels each death when blessed. Around 2.4 levels without bless.
  • Fixed error where XP Gain Rate was showing 100% all the time in the skill window. Now it will correctly display your bonus.
Recent Updates:
  • Fixed Gaz'haragoth UE not doing any damage.
  • Fixed Wild Growth Rune not shooting properly.
  • Fixed error with Deathstrike Teleport, also changed mechanics a little bit. Now 10 mushrooms will spawn every 10 seconds after you begin charging the crystals for 1 minute.
  • Fixed items given from Mysterious Remains: Rift Tapestry, Surprise Bag (blue), Magic Light Wand (always on).
  • Added full minimap for client 10 available on the downloads page

Special thanks to Vakashi for reporting many of the bugs.
Daily Double Task:
  • Everyday there will be a random task that rewards double experience for completing it.
  • Also the mobs of the task will yield double experience as well.
  • Check your local chat when you log in for more information on the daily double task.
  • You can also type !task to view which task is currently the daily double task.
  • The task switches everyday, keep track of what time it is with the !time command

Enjoy your Thanksgiving! <3
Recent Updates:
  • It's no longer possible to stack carpets on top of each other.
  • Fixed issue with strengthening potions not working properly with buff spells.
  • Removed old modal window events possible causing errors in shortcut tps.
  • It's no longer possible to use server-side Godric Bot with the custom Middle Earth client. The Middle Earth client has a better verion of client-side Godric Bot that must be used. It will still be possible to use the server-side Godric Bot with client 10.
  • Added timer message to Ferumbras Ascension Boss rooms that were missing compared to the other boss rooms
  • From now on all players inside any boss room or who have participated in the boss fight will receive a time delay to prevent any bug abuse.
  • Updated exit position of Ferumbras Ascension Boss rooms to prevent PK traps.
  • Updated exit position of Grand Master Oberon's boss room
  • Added new command !kick for party leaders to kick players from the party.
  • Added some missing items to wrap system.
New Secret Library Boss:
  • Gorzindel

Enjoy your weekend!
Client Update:
The download page has been updated with:
  1. Client Launcher/Updater
  2. New Client w/ some Tibia 11 features
New Commands:
  • !leaveparty
  • !bonus on/off
New Secret Library Bosses:
  • Lokathmor
  • Mazzinor
  • Ghulosh

Have fun! If you run into any issues let me know.
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