Private War Guide

War Town Commands:
  • Invite: !privatewar invite,GuildName
  • Accept: !privatewar accept,GuildName
  • Reject: !privatewar reject,GuildName
  • Cancel: !privatewar cancel,GuildName
Player Commands:
  • Enter City: !privatewar go
  • Leave City: !privatewar leave
Possible Settings:
  • Town: configuragble
  • UE Spells: on/off
  • AoE Runes: on/off
  • New Pots: on/off
  • Deaths: on/off
  • Player Limits: configuragble
  • Frag/Time Limit: configuragble
Random Facts:
  • War town battles can be fought with or without War Mode.
  • No kills in a War Town will be counted as unjustified. Even if deaths are enabled.
War Town Battles
Aggressor Information Enemy