Recent Updates:
  • Updated Challenge spell, now it also prevents creatures from running at low health. Challenge effect lasts for 8 seconds.
  • Fixed quest TPs not correctly displaying completed quests.
  • Fixed problem with Holy Damage Protection (Demon Presence) not providing protection properly.
  • Fixed issue with Hotkey Equip not working on normal Tibia Client.
  • Fixed minor issue with raid bosses not updating on website.
Recent Updates:
  • Added automated Bonus XP of +30% on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
  • Added more options for buying Unrealized Dream from Nugget Shop (1x, 5x, 10x).
  • Added Heal Friend option to new client, under Auto -> Healing -> Heal Friend. You can heal by name, party, guild, and summons.
  • Fixed error on new client where Imbuement was not sending Inventory balance and sending wrong message on clearing imbues.
  • Improved & Optimized the Prey system. Now if you started a task, it will be easier to find the task monsters in the Prey window.
  • Optimized sending player inventory items to client. This was causing lag when players sold many items to the NPC.
  • A few other minor engine optimizations, favoring using more RAM to reduce CPU usage.
Small Patch:
  • Fixed error where NPC Storkus was not allowing players to turn in Vampire Lord Tokens.
  • Fixed error in the Heart of Destruction Quest - Anomaly, where vortex's would sometimes spawn under the unwalkable tiles.
  • Fixed error in Yalahar quest doors not working properly.
  • Fixed error in Wrath of the Emperor Quest when player tried to use sceptre on the essence of the emperor.
Recent Updates:
  • Fixed error where Reward Chest was empty. You will be able to access all the bags you may have missed.
  • Fixed error where NPC wasn't letting you buy if you didn't have money in BP. Now it will check both BP and Bank balance.
  • Fixed error on Middle Earth OTCv8 Beta where Prey wildcards were not updating immediately
  • Daily Double tasks will no longer reset during a server save. They will only change at the start of a new day. (!time)
Task Updates:
  • Added shortcut to Glooths under the Hunting Spots --> Medium section.
  • Added new spells & conditions to server-side Godric Bot (Utori spells, Exori mas, Utamo Tempo)
  • Flames of Omrafir will no longer spawn in the walls.
  • Task countdown to next daily double task has been corrected, it was off by 1 hour.
  • Fixed error where food time was not showing correctly on the client.
  • Fixed Rift Boss ultimate explosion spell not doing damage.
  • Change exit teleport destination of Warzone 1-3 bosses to send directly to reward chests.
  • Fixed map error near Grand Canon Dominus causing visual problems on Middle Earth OTClient.
Task Updates:
  • Autoloot slotshave been increased:
    Free Account: 5 --> 10 slots
    VIP Account: 25 --> 50 slots
  • It's now possible to toggle autloot on/off with the commands:
    !autoloot on
    !autoloot off
  • Added Poison Bomb Rune to the Supply Backpack.
  • Bosses will now be marked with a Green Skull so they are easier to find in crowded areas.
  • Fixed error where Roshamuul Prison boss rooms were not resetting time properly.
  • Fixed Prince Drazzak spells, damage, and loot.
  • Task Window:
    -> Improved flow and information about task
    -> Added countdown to new daily double task
    -> Task points now adjust depending on number of kills
Task Updates:
  • Separated tasks into two categories
    1. Killing in the name of ...
    2. Custom tasks
  • Custom tasks can now be selected by 250, 500 or 1000 kills.
  • Improved task rewards: more experience, more money, and now it's possible to earn Gold Nuggets from tasks!
  • Money from task rewards will automatically be sent to your bank account from now on.
  • You can also adjust how frequently you wish to receive updates on your task status. Every 1, 10, 25, or 50 kills.
  • Now their will be a different Daily Double task for each difficulty: easy, medium, and hard.
Recent Updates:
  • Pet's will no longer take away exp from their master. All damage from pet will count towards master.
  • From now on only players who did damage in the last 10 seconds will receive unjustified frag in player killing.
  • Removed info message from monster outfit lever as it was impeding the view of the new outfit. Instead the message will appear at the bottom of your screen.
  • Improved appearance of guild page by fixing outdated layouts & styles from old website.
  • Fixed error in final Otherworld boss, The World Devourer, where a team wasn't able to try again immediately after dieng.
  • VIP player will now autoloot gold coins direcly into their bank account. You will see a message in the Loot channel.
  • Fixed error where a boss raid would show on the website that it started but actually failed to start in-game.
  • The Shortcuts -> Quests submenu will now show if you have completed the quest or not.
  • Buffed EK intense wound cleansing spell (exura gran ico), as it was doing very little.
Recent Updates:
  • Added missing outfit & mount images to website and improved the appearance of the character & auction character page displaying of outfits & mounts.
    Many other various small website improvements: changelog, market page, etc.
  • Changed deathlist to only count mobs from the final 10 seconds.
  • Fixed error where charging the geodes in Warzones 4-6 was not showing how many heavy crystal fragments were used.
Recent Updates:
  • Change to the Party Sharing rules, all players above level 500 can share. Players below level 500 will follow normal 2/3 level rule.
  • Reduced death loss, players will lose around 1.8 levels each death when blessed. Around 2.4 levels without bless.
  • Fixed error where XP Gain Rate was showing 100% all the time in the skill window. Now it will correctly display your bonus.
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